Feature Update Timeline

Last Updated: Oct 04, 2018 11:27AM PDT

Please find a timeline below of the most significant features we have recently implemented to make the Greenvelope experience better. We are constantly improving our products, so please let us know if there are any updates you would like to see. Please click here to submit a feature request

October 2018

Deckled-Edge Envelopes - Users now have the option to select from a new collection of deckled-edge envelopes, which were designed using a realistic hand-dyed effect.   

Link and Image Support - Users can now include links and images on their thank-you notes. 

September 2018

Two-Sided Cards - Users can now select from one of our two-sided card templates or upload their very own two-sided design.

July 2018

Wax Seals - On the Envelope Design step, users can now access wax seal options that include rose gold, copper, warm gold, bright gold, silver, pink, lavender, dusty sage, navy, and red. 

April 2018

Video and GIF Support - Users can now add animated GIFs or videos to their Greenvelope mailings. 

March 2018

Seating Chart - Users can now easily assign seating for their event with Greenvelope’s built-in seating chart tool. 

Custom Background - Users can now upload their very own custom background image, which displays directly behind the opened invitation or greeting. 

February 2018

Stylishly Updated Envelopes - Our digital envelopes now have a realistic pointed flap that more closely resembles traditional paper. In addition, users can now choose from a wider array of envelope colors, liners, and stamps. 

January 2018

Envelope Preview - Easily preview individual guest envelopes from the “Edit Contact” page on the Send step to ensure they look exactly right.

Inline Editing - With a single click, users can now edit contacts directly inline from the Send and Track pages.

November 2017

Displaying a Public Guest List - Users now have more options for publicly displaying a guest list on their details page. The filtered display options now include: “attending only,” “responded only,” or “entire guest list.” 

Ticketing Display Options - Users now have the option to display a ticketing grid on their details page. 

October 2017

Previously Sent Templates - While in the design browser, users will now be alerted of any previously used templates. Such templates will now be clearly marked with a tag that reads, “previously sent.”

Event Check-In Options - Users can now check-in attending guests for any type of event using the Greenvelope EventWorks check-in app (available for both Android and iPhone). Easily manage check-in functionality from the Track page for any event.

September 2017

Post-Event Survey Questions - Users can now include post-event survey questions in their thank you card mailings.

Apple Pay - Users now have the ability to use Apple Pay in place of a traditional payment for Greenvelope purchases.

Limit by Tag - Users can now add a tag to any custom section of their details page, which enables the section to only be seen by guests who have been assigned that particular tag.

July 2017

Users can now access metallic color options in the design explorer that include gold, silver, rose gold, and copper.

June 2017
Mobile app now live!

  • Fully customizable designs that users can personalize for any event

  • RSVP tracking to easily manage a guest list

  • Schedule and send RSVP and event reminders

  • Collect guest information, like meal preferences or song requests, through simple survey questions

Updates to the Contact Upload Template - A new column has been added to the template for any users wishing to include phone numbers for any of their contacts

May 2017

Mobile Web - A mobile web version of Greenvelope has launched. Users can now easily manage all of their Greenvelope basics on the go. No app download is required and users can get started with the mobile version simply by visiting Greenvelope.com on any mobile device.

Plain Text Emails - Users now have the option to send plain text emails to all of their contacts.
Account Email Address - Users can now update or change the email account listed in their profile. 

International Tutorial Videos - Dutch and German users can now access tutorial videos, available in both languages. 

Ticketing Updates - Greenvelope is now fully integrated with Stripe for ticket payment processing. Users can now process refunds at any time, even after their event. In addition, payments are much faster and will now be delivered on a rolling basis during the days leading up to their events. 


February 2017

New Fonts - We have added seven new fonts to the website. In addition, all of the font options have been organized within specific, alphabetical categories. 

Delete Contact Prevention - To help ensure users do not delete contacts by mistake, we have added a step that requires users to confirm the exact number of contacts they wish to delete. 

Additional Notification Emails - More than one user can now be added to receive notification emails. 

January 2017

Improved Track Page Messaging - From the track page, users can now select and filter groups of specific contacts to message.

Text Message Functionality - Users in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom can now utilize SMS texting functionality to send their mailings. 

Location Improvements - Users can now add a location to their details page without having to specify an exact time. 

Message Center Improvements - We have added a WYSIWYG editor to the message center that will allow users to utilize the same text formatting as other areas in the site. 

VCF Spreadsheet Uploading - Users can now upload spreadsheets from a vCard file format.  

Mailing Addresses - Users can now collect mailing addresses from their save the date mailings.

December 2016

Text Message Functionality - We are excited to announce that we have implemented SMS texting functionality, which is ideal for users who might not have email addresses readily available. Users can now send mailings, including the envelope, to any mobile phone through a text message. 

Facebook Functionality - Users can now deliver their mailing, including the envelope, through a private Facebook message. 

Follow-up Survey Questions - Users can now add a follow-up question to any existing survey question.

November 2016

Auto Scheduling Updates - Users can now add personal messages and schedule reminders within the Auto Scheduling feature

Improvements to the Adding Links Feature - Users now have the ability to see exactly where they place hyperlinks within their cards and invitations

Three New Languages - We’re excited to announce the addition of three new languages, which now include Russian, Portuguese, and Dutch. 

Multi-Sender Capability (business accounts only) - Cards and invitations no longer have to come from a single sender. Business users now have the ability to assign each contact on their mailing to a different sender. 

Mobile Improvements - Visual improvements for the guest experience on mobile, such as optimizing text and image layouts on the Details Page.

Card Delivery Speed Improvements - Card and invitation delivery has been improved and users will notice their mailings being delivered more efficiently and in less time. 

July-August 2016

Advanced Image Editing - Users now have the ability to edit their uploaded photos with a variety of helpful tools. In addition to crop and rotate functionality, you can also adjust the contrast, brightness, or saturation of a photo all within the Design step. 

Format Paint - This is ideal for users who want to add additional text that perfectly matches an area of existing text. With this new feature, users can ensure design consistencies by having the ability to recreate exact fonts and text spacing through the Format Paint tool. 

Sponsors Section - On the Details page, business users can now recognize and thank their contributing sponsors with the option to upload and hyperlink multiple images or logos.    

June 2016

Currency Support - Instead of always being prompted to purchase in USD, dozens of countries will now have the ability to purchase in their own currency. 

Colin Cowie Baby Collection - The third exclusive collection from our Colin Cowie partnership launches! Now all parents can celebrate those momentous occasions - from baby showers to birthdays - with effortless style. 

Greenvelope Launches in French and Spanish - Every single step in the process is now fully available in French and Spanish to make effortless digital invitations even more accessible. New language support coming soon. 

May 2016

New Card Builder Launch!

  • Now design on any device, including mobile or tablet, (without needing to download an app)

  • New designer font options

  • Improved formatting and editing functionality

  • Adding images made easier, faster, and with an option to crop without altering the original image

  • No more Adobe Flash updates required! Hooray!

March - April 2016

While it may have seemed like our dev team was deep in hibernation during March and April, it was quite the opposite! While little was released live on the site, our team was hard at work crafting the new card builder, which we were thrilled to see come to fruition in May!

February 2016

Advanced Send and Track Page Filtering - Within a particular event, hosts now have the ability to utilize advanced filtering on from the Send page. This is especially helpful for sending event-specific messages to a selection of guests that meet a detailed criteria (tags, RSVP status, etc.)

Auto-renew Available for Memberships - To ensure you never lose access to your account, or just one less thing to worry about, we now have an ‘auto-renew’ option for all Greenvelope members. As always, you can still opt to pay manually by keeping auto-renew turned off. 

In-depth Insights for Eventworks Accounts - For gathering company-wide mailing insights, we now offer custom analytics as an optional feature for multi-user Eventworks accounts. Learn more about Eventworks

Firewall Friendly Version for International Business Clients - If in the rare instance you are sending to international businesses who are unable to open a browser window from within an email, we can offer a "Firewall Friendly" version, which skips the animation process and allows those guests to RSVP directly from within the email. Please contact your Event and Marketing Consultant for access to this feature. 

Export Messages in Excel - To ensure that messages are exported with special characters in-tact, especially important for messages that are not in English, we now allow messages to be exported in Excel, in addition to CSV. 

January 2016

New Ways to Upload Contacts - No matter how you manage your contacts, we make it easy to upload and sync those with your Greenvelope guest lists. You can now upload contacts directly from LinkedIn, iCloud, and Office 365 in addition to email accounts and spreadsheets. 

Advanced A/B Filtering - Sort your address book with additional filters, such as received mailings, attendance, tags, and subscription status all within your full address book.

New Design Services - From text layout assistance and logo adjustments to semi-custom designs, we now offer a wider range of services to accommodate all your design needs. 

Updated Pricing Options - In order to better accommodate events of all sizes, we now offer a person-based pricing structure where you are only charged for the amount of people you wish to send to.

December 2015

Default Envelope Font Size Update - To ensure that all fonts, from casual script to old style serif, renders beautifully and legibly, we have adjusted the sizing of default envelope text based on font style. While all fonts used to be placed at the same size, they are now custom set for maximum legibility and style. 


Received Mailings Section - Whether for reference or sentimental value, you can now ensure that all Greenvelope cards and invitations that you receive are in one, easy-to-find place. This new section, available in your Greenvelope account dashboard, saves all mailings that you receive at that account email address.

Single Sign-on - For those who prefer to minimize the number of passwords and log-ins to remember, you can now sign on with your Google+ or Facebook account. However, if you wish to keep your social profiles separate, classic sign-on is still available.

November 2015

November was one of the all-time most productive months for the Greenvelope development team. After finishing up some large custom client development projects in October, we were able to utilize the entire development team to work on many of our own features that had been in the pipeline. 

Custom Language Templates - You can create a custom language to personalize all the text surrounding your invitation (buttons, navigation, headings, etc). For example, you can now update the YES / NO buttons on your RSVP page to Count me in! / I can't make it. Learn More.

Limit Payment Methods by Ticket - You can now allow check payment only or allow credit card payment only for certain ticket levels. Previously, you would need to offer both check and credit card payment options for all tickets. 

Email Reminder Text - Add a custom message to the top of your RSVP and event reminders.

Sell Multi-Person Tickets (i.e. Tables) - For example, sell a table of 10 for your fundraiser and the table host can submit names for each guest. Additionally, you could use this to allow a guest to purchase a foursome for a golf tournament. Each guest will receive his/her own ticket with a QR code for scanning with our EventWorks iPhone/Android app. 

Schedule Card Sending - Perfect if you will be out of the office, but still want your invitations to send at a specific time. We recommend Monday or Tuesday at around 10am for the best open rates. Learn More

Upload Contacts Only to Guest Lists - Previously contacts could be uploaded to both the Address Book and Guest List, which caused confusion about where clients were adding contacts. To reduce this issue, the ability to add contacts to the Address Book has been removed.

Auto-Shorten Messages on Track Page - Long messages in the message column of the track page are now shortened to preserve formatting on this page. You can hover over longer messages to quickly view the entire message. 

Clear an RSVP that is Submitted - You can manually clear the RSVP data tied to a guest on the Track page. This feature is especially useful to reset guests who were helping you during initial testing of Greenvelope. Learn More

Name Tag (Update) - Now name tags are generated for Plus 1s as well as the primary contacts.  

Event Label Functionality - Create multiple events with the same name, but distinguish the events with a label for internal purposes.

List Validation Prior to Sending - We will check emails for validity prior to sending. This will help you correct bad emails in real time while building your list, to ensure everyone receives your invitation on the initial send. Previously, you would need to send and wait for a bounce back before knowing about an incorrect email. 

Collect Additional Information - There is now the option to collect and require additional information (such as company name) for people registering from a public registration page. 

October 2015

Delivery Optimizer Off by Default - While the delivery optimizer helps increase open rate by approximately 4-5%, clients requested that we do not send these emails without their permission. The delivery optimizer is now a feature that must be manually turned on. Learn more

Butter London Design Collection – Iconic beauty brand, butter LONDON, has joined forces with Greenvelope.com to add some glam to more than just your beauty routine this holiday season. Inspired by butter LONDON’s catwalk-worthy colours, edgy glamour, and fashion-forward styles, these invites make it effortless to be pretty & polished. View the collection

Card Viewer Images Cached - Guests viewing your card for a second or third time will no longer need to request all the data again, so the card will load even faster. However, if the card has been updated since the last version stored by the guest, the card will re-download.

PDF Purchase Receipts - Download a PDF of past purchase receipts from you account billing page. Learn more

September 2015

API Updates - Our API now supports single sign-on functionality from any 3rd Party System system you wish to integrate. 

Export Messages to Excel/CSV - Past messages can now be exported directly from your message center. Learn more

Better Guest List Editing - Now making edits on any page of the guest list keeps you on the same page after submitting edits (instead of reloading you back to page 1). 

RSVP Limit Calculation - Plus 1s now count towards the maximum capacity calculation for the event.

Increase Image Upload Quality - Images uploaded to cards and photo save the dates are now much higher quality. 

August 2015

Name Tag Functionality Launch - Export a PDF from the Send step with name tags formatted for common Avery badge sizes. 

Permanently Remove Event - Completely remove an event from your account, as opposed to just archiving. 

Better Guest List Searching - Guest list search now covers all visible columns. This also includes custom contact fields created specifically for your account. 

Mail Merge Guest URLs - Add a personalized guest URL (invitation, detail page, or RSVP page) to any group message sent through Greenvelope. 

Share Links Allow for RSVP - Previously the public sharing URLs only allowed for registration. Now there is the option to collect YES/NO RSVP data from a public URL, to help hosts capture information for those not attending as well as those attending. 

July 2015

Multi Language Support - Translate all the text surrounding your card (navigation, buttons, etc) to any language. We currently support Spanish, German, French, Swedish, Japanese, Portuguese, and Russian.

Clone Design Within Event - You can now clone a Save the Date to an Invitation and vice versa. 

Mail Merge Fields Throughout - There are now more places to mail merge guest information (Envelope, Messages, Subject Lines, etc.)

Check In App (Update) - Check in guests across multiple simultaneous events. 

Advanced Tag Filtering - Filter the guest list by multiple tags rather than just one tag. 

Better Column Sorting - Sort by any column on the guest list. This also includes custom contact fields created specifically for your account. 

Guest List View Options - Control exactly what columns appear on the Send and Track page. 

June 2015

Custom Fields - You can add custom contact fields to Greenvelope to store additional information about your guests. For example, store information on Membership Status, T-shirt size, Business Department, Dietary Restrictions, etc. The options are endless! Learn More.

Check In App - Download the "EventWorks" check in application in the Android and Apple app stores. You can scan guest tickets or search and swipe to check guest in at your events.

Passbook Integration for QR Code Tickets - Guests can easily add event QR code tickets to the iPhone Passbook for easy scanning at event check in.

Import Custom Fields from Salesforce - Added ability to map any custom Salesforce contact field to a custom field in Greenvelope on import. Learn more.

May 2015

Drag and Drop - You can now order survey questions, sections of the details page, and more with easy drag and drop functionality. 

We launched limited new features in May, because we started the process of researching and building an onsite check in application with QR code scanning. 

April 2015

EventWorks Launch - Be limitless with an EventWorks custom solution from Greenvelope. With endless options, let us build your ideal event planning and relationship-building solution:

  • CRM Integration

  • Advanced Reporting

  • Administration Capabilities

  • Custom Feature Development

  • Linked Accounts

  • Company Design Templates

  • Brand Asset Integration

  • Custom CSS/HTML

Integrated Review Platform - Now easily leave reviews through Trustpilot without having to leave Greenvelope or create an account with Trustpilot. Thank you to all our customers who have taken time to share their experiences!

Preview Envelope Before Sending - After clicking send we show you pictures of how the envelopes will appear in your guests' inboxes. This is just one more "double-check" in the process to ensure your cards go out as intended. 

March 2015

"Mute" Video Tutorials - When moving through the site the first time, we show several helpful tutorial videos along the way for each step. Based on feedback, we added the ability to stop showing video tutorials for those who prefer to explore independently. 

Salesforce API integration - Integrating with Salesforce allows Greenvelope users to directly import contacts from Salesforce campaigns and sync RSVP data back into campaign member statuses in real time. Learn more.

Custom Design Services - You can now purchase custom design services at checkout. We offer color changes and fully custom design services.

Event Documents - Upload event documents (i.e. Waivers, PDF directions, and more) to the Details page. 

Envelope Text Customization - Fully control the text on the front and back of the envelope. Learn more.

February 2015

Die-Cut cards – Added support for cards with non-rectangular borders. For example, check out this beautiful design with butterflies coming off the card.
Luly Yang Design Collection – Fashion powerhouse Luly Yang has turned heads and heels both locally and internationally with her one-of-a-kind elegant cocktail, evening, and bridal collections. Now the elegance and luxuriance of Luly Yang Couture can be a part of all of life’s special moments with our exclusive Greenvelope digital stationery collection. View the collection.

More Sharing Control – Control what sharing options are available to guests in the bottom of the email. Learn more.

LinkedIn Sharing Option - Guests can now share public events on LinkedIn. This is in addition to the ability to share on Facebook, Twitter, and via email. 

Upload Multiple Images - This is a big time saver! Add multiple images to your photo gallery at once. 

Check Payments for Tickets - There is an option in the ticket set-up to allow guests to purchase tickets with a check. 

Partial Ticket Refunds - Provide a refund for all or just some of the tickets purchased by a guest.

January 2015
New Design Explorer - Now designs are easily searchable and easier to browse by your preferred style, color, theme, or designer. View the Design Browser

Integrated Live Chat - Chat with our customer service representatives, 7AM - 5PM PST Monday - Friday.


Have a feature request of your own? We would love to hear from you! Please click here to submit a feature request.