Onsite Check-In Summary

Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018 11:36AM PST

What is Onsite Check-In?

EventWork’s Onsite Check-In feature allows you to easily check in guests and get an up-to-date summary for live, past, and future events. All data, including attendance, RSVP status, and guest information, will be integrated within your Greenvelope account for efficient sorting and targeted follow-up. While this feature pairs perfectly with ticketed events, you can turn on ‘check in’ for any event in order to seamlessly capture and track event attendance.


Efficient Check-In: Create the best guest experience by making it quick and easy to scan tickets and check in guests. 

Real-Time Event Summary: Access your real-time summary from anywhere for all live and future events. Track percent and number of tickets sold, number of guests checked in, revenue collected, and RSVPs. 

Track Payments: Easily see detailed accounts of which guests have paid and those who are unpaid as well as a top-level summary of collected payments to date.

Targeted Follow-Up: Filter by who attended or did not attend, tags and survey questions to follow-up with hyper-targeted thank yous, messaging, and call-to-actions to maximize each contact point.


The EventWorks check-in application is available for both Apple iOS and Google Android devices.
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*NOTE* Prior to using the Eventworks app for an event, Check-In must be turned on from the Track step of your mailing.