Create Custom Contact Fields

Last Updated: Feb 07, 2017 01:30PM PST
You can add custom contact fields to Greenvelope to store additional information about your guests. For example, store additional information such as Membership Status, T-shirt size, Business Department, Dietary Restrictions, etc. The options are endless! 

All custom fields can be imported and exported to the system just like any of the standard Greenvelope fields. 

How to Add a Custom Contact Field:

Step 1: Click your account name in the top left.

Step 2:  Select “Custom Fields.”

Step 3: Click the button to "Add New Custom Field"

Step 4: Make sure these new fields are displayed on the Send, Track and Address Book page by altering your "View Preferences."
*NOTE* The display name is the name that will appear within the Greenvelope system. The field name can be different if you are importing data from an external system that uses different field naming (i.e. First Name vs First_Name). Setting the field name, will help Greenvelope seamlessly recognize this column name when importing contacts from an external system.