Syncing RSVP Data to a Salesforce Campaign

Last Updated: Apr 28, 2016 06:52PM PDT
Greenvelope makes keeping Salesforce in sync with your latest Greenvelope RSVP Data as easy as possible! RSVP responses (attending / not attending) can be mapped back to a corresponding Salesforce campaign member status in real time. 


How to Sync RSVP Data:

Step 1: Make sure you have connected Salesforce to Greenvelope. More information.

Step 2: Click your account name in the top left.

Step 3:  Select “Add Ons” and click the “Configure” link for Salesforce.

Step 4: Set up mapping between Greenvelope “Attending” and “Not Attending” status and the corresponding Salesforce Campaign Member Status value.

Step 5: RSVP Data will now automatically link and be recorded in the guest history. See sample to the right of guest history and corresponding sync in Salesforce. 


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