All Other Issues – Clear Your Cache

Last Updated: Feb 08, 2017 08:03AM PST
Clearing your browser’s temporary files (the cache) often solves many issues.  If you have any unresolved issues, please perform the following steps:
Step 1: Log out of your Greenvelope Account.
Step 2: Clear your Internet browser Cache (see below.)
Step 3: Close your Internet browser.
Step 4: Re-Open your Internet browser and Log back into your Account.

How to clear your cache

Here is a great article that walks you through clearing your cache on all browsers:'s-Cache

Still having issues?

If clearing your cache does not help solve the problem, please email and include the following information:
  • Steps to reproduce the Issue
  • Your Browser Version (ie. Internet Explorer 8, Chrome 18, etc.) 
We will send this information over to the developers right away and keep you up-to-date with our research.