Add a Photo Gallery

Last Updated: Dec 02, 2018 07:31PM PST
Greenvelope makes it easy to nicely integrate your photographs with your invitation (or save the date) experience. You can display up to 30 photographs that will appear as separate tab in your invitation.

Image Requirements

File Types: .jpg, .jpeg, .png

​Recommended Dimensions: 620px wide by 420px tall

How to Upload

Step 1: Click the “Details” step.          

Step 2: Click the “Information" section.          

Step 3: Click the “Advanced Options” dropdown.

Step 4: Click the "Add a photo gallery" toggle.         

Step 5: Drag and drop your files in the Upload Area.

Step 6: Choose gallery settings.


Where will the Photographs display?

Your Photo Gallery will display as a separate tab in your invitation.
add photo gallery
where photo gallery