Update the Plus 1 Policy

Last Updated: Feb 03, 2017 11:47AM PST
You are able to specify how many additional guests (Plus 1s) each person on your mailing list is allowed to bring. If your guests decided to bring a Plus 1 you can collect and/or require contact information (ie. first name, last name, email).
NOTE: This feature is not used to link couples or family members. Learn more about Grouping Couples and Families Together.

How to Update the Plus 1 Policy

Step 1: Click the “Details” step.          

Step 2: Click the “RSVP Page" section.          

Step 3: Click the “Plus 1 Policy” sub-section.          

Step 4: Edit the different Policy options listed below.

Adjusting the Policy

Option A: Adjust the Default Plus 1 allowance.
Option B: Control "and Guest" line on the front of envelope.
Option C: Specify which information to collect from Plus 1s.
Update Plus 1 Policy