Create Survey Questions - e.g. Meal Choices

Last Updated: Jan 29, 2018 03:27PM PST
You can collect custom survey information from your guests when they RSVP. For example, you could create questions for meal options, adults vs. children, song requests, or which sub-events a guest can attend. The options are endless, yet we have managed to keep the software simple and intuitive.

Where will the survey questions appear?

The survey questions will appear on the guest's RSVP page after they select their response status.

Types of Questions

Type A: Dropdown Menu (ie. Adult vs. Children)
Type B: Radio Buttons (ie. Meal Preference)
Type C: Checkboxes (ie. Sub-Event Tracking)
Type D: Free Response (ie. Song Requests)

How to Add Survey Questions

Step 1: Click the “Details” step.          

Step 2: Click the “RSVP Page" section.          

Step 3: Click the “Survey Question” sub-section.          

Step 4: Click the "Add a New Survey Question" button.

Question Types

Add a Survey Question

​Please enjoy a short video about how to create survey questions.