Archive or Permanently Remove a Mailing

Last Updated: Feb 08, 2017 10:38AM PST
You are able to keep your active mailing list organized, by archiving past mailings. Once a mailing is archived, the mailing is no longer displayed in the available event drop down menus. If you wish to remove a mailing and the associated cards entirely from the system, you can do this by permanently removing a mailing. 

How to Archive a Mailing

Step 1: ​Click your "Account Name" link towards the top of the left navigation
Step 2: Click the "Mailings” tab.
Step 3: Click the "Archive" button next to the event you would like to archive.
*NOTE* You can always reactivate archived events at a later time by checking the box at the top right to "Show Archived Events" and then clicking the "Reactivate button" next to your archived mailing.
Archive an Event

How to Permanently Remove a Mailing

Step 1: Archive the mailing you wish to permanently remove (described earlier in this article).
Step 2: Click the "Show Archived Events" checkbox.
Step 3: Click the "Remove Permanently" button next to the event you would like to permanently remove from your account.
*NOTE* Once an mailing is permanently removed, you will not be able to recover any information tied to this mailing.
Archive an Event